Lab Rats/Labbråttorna

»Humankind wanted to know if strawberries could protect the liver from alcohol damage. Therefore, the rats were first administered 200 strawberries, and then 200 glasses of champagne. It felt good, the rats thought, to be so important to humanity.«

Lab Rats/Labbråttorna is a story about life’s rewards. Lab Rats/Labbråttorna is the third part in the series Dead Animals/Döda djur

Dead Animals/Döda djur is a series of three bilingual books published by Pionier Press in 2014. It consists of the titles: City Fox/Stadsräven, Nobel Chickens/Nöbelhönsen and Lab Rats/Labbråttorna.

Writer: Rebecka Mellberg

What I did

  • Illustration