Scouts’ Oath

As our final project at Vancouver Film School, me and my team developed the game “Scouts’ Oath”. It’s a 3D 3rd person platformer where the player takes the role as Clifford, a young scout who must save his scout friends from a burning tree house.

We was a team of 6 and we collaborated with the sound design- and acting students. We developed the concept documents together during 2 months and produced the game over 4 months.

Me and the environmental artist developed a personal, sweet, storybook inspired art style and we communicated our vision using visual targets, mood boards, sketches and turnarounds.

My role was character artist, UI artist and narrative designer. My main role was character artist, because we had four scouts that needed many animations. I modeled them in  Maya and Zbrush, rigged and animated them in Maya and textured and baked the high poly information in Substance painter.

I also had great fun with the UI and narrative design. I’n my portfolio you can see some a dedicated post about the UI assets I created.

What I did

  • Concept Art
  • Character Modeling & Texturing
  • Rigging & Animation
  • All UI Art Assets
  • Script Writing, Casting & Directing of Actors
  • Unity Implementation together with Programmers