Smelly Memories/Stinkande minnen

Lena is a robotic woman who lives in a tiny apartment in the Stockholm suburb Hässelby. Today’s her 115th birthday and she’s having a small party. There aren’t many other guests, most Lena’s friends has passed away and her daughter lives in a senior home in Gothenburg. One of the guests is the journalist Katarina, who’s interviewing Lena for the local paper. They talk about friendships, love, anger, dumps and jewelry. The player gets to experience a few key memories and change regrets from Lena’s past.

The journalist asks Lena questions and they reach the question about regret. Lena regret some things in her past. She tells us about a memory when she wishes she had acted differently.  When she tells the journalist about the situation, the player gets thrown in to it. What happens if the player handles the situation differently?


I’ve lived in Hässelby half of my life. Hässelby was my starting point for researching the game. The game takes place on different locations at different times in Hässelby’s history. I got to know about Hässelby’s strange, but intriguing history from Henrik Henriksson and Hässelby history society. They told me about places like Lövsta dump in the beginning of the 20th century, where pigs lived and ate the garbage. The idea was to kill two birds with one stone – getting rid of trash and producing cheap pork.


The game is created in two different techniques. The present (cinematics) consist of footage created in stop motion, with custom designed puppets. The memories (interactive) are digital collages inspired by sites in Hässelby area 1900 to today.

Game Cancelled

Unfortunately we had to end the production of Smelly Memories before it got to see the world because of insufficient funding. The scope of the game was more demanding than expected and many of us had to move on. A sad ending on a really exciting journey! Thanks to everyone who has followed and supported the project!

Game design: Mimi Fürst
Programming: Qrikko Lindström
Set design: Ana Gusson, Mimi Fürst
Puppet making: Mimi Fürst, Ana Gusson
Sound design: Philip Eriksson Mäntylä
Original music: Pontus Fürst
Matte painting: Calle Granström


Margaretha Björkman – Lena
Maria Langhammer – Katarina
Malou Zilliacus – TV
Freja Ohlsson – Dagny och Lotus
Giuditta Sunnemark -Noor
Bengt Bok – Anders
Lucas Pena – Lucas
Robert Arnborg – Lars
Carl-Filip Brück – Dad
Miriam Renting – Elisabeth
Assar Tallinger – Train conductor
Mimi Fürst – Viola


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  • Game Design
  • Character Design & Puppet Making
  • Miniatures
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