What if…

During my second year at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts I had a 10 week long internship at Dockhus Animation in Trollhättan. The project was called What if…/Tänk om… for Lee film and became a animated TV-series and a feature film.

From leefilm.se about What if…:  »The animated film is a series of  tales about animal life, friendship and being close. A declaration of love; the relationship between young and old, and about the desire to go on wonderful, fantastic adventures. It is produced for the youngest audience and their parents. Based from Lena Sjöbergs highly acclaimed book with the same name.«

We created the characters in clay, then photographed them and animated them in cut-out technique in After Effects.

I did a little bit of everything, mostly clay modelling, digitalising and rigging characters, but also composition and animation.

Director and scriptwriter: Linda Hambäck and Marika Heidebäck
Text and illustration: Lena Sjöberg
Composer: Martin Östergren
Storyteller: Nina Persson
Animation: Dockhus Animation
Producer: Linda Hambäck
Production company: LEE Film
Financiers: Svenska Filminstitutet, Film i Väst, SVT, NFTF, YLE
Distributor in Sweden: Folkets Bio AB
International sales: LEE Film
Formats: 30 minutes feature, 2 minutes x 13 eps TV series
Release year: 2014

What I did

  • Character modelling
  • Compositing
  • Animation